Friday, June 10, 2011


My workloads is killing me. Now i can officially call myself "xde life". My weekdays starts as early as 7 am where i get off to work and i'll return home the earliest is 8. my std time reaching home is around 9. that's 14 hours the whole for working. i ate all my meals (bfast, lunch and dinner) in front of PC most of the time. and sometimes, i dont even have time to buy groceries, mind to do shopping.

that is also the reason why on weekends i become invisible and hiatus. as i prefer to stay home and watch TV/DVD or just surfing the i can say, my social life sucks. my life just goes around work work and work....(thats why im not surprise i already have few strands of grey hair, i like to call it my silver strands). yes there are a few.....see i think im already aging before time. i tried to be very young at heart as much as possible, but the WORKLOADS are just cruel and cannot let me be young as im suppose to be. now im missing my studying years, where i dont need to think of anything.just be care free though i dont have much money inside my pockets....

Life sucks for "org yg xde life"

Monday, May 23, 2011

back from hiatus...

halooo, its been tooo long since my last post.
i have been in hiatus due to so many reasonssss......
luckily i still remember my log in password... hihihiihi
so i think, i will try my best to start writing least once a week (best hope)
cant wait to update this blog. :)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Down Under Experience (KL-BNE)

It has been a while since I last wrote, this is due to my hectic schedule in the office and after work activities.. ;)
I just wanna share the experience of me being to Australia. I know this is over due toooo...but never mind. I still wanna share it as i miss writting soooo much.
so i went to aussie for 8 days (3 cities in 8 days) , what can I say is tiring....we took the morning flight from Kl so basically we had 11 hours of flight so there goes the days....
1st city gold coast, we arrived at Brisbane International Airport at 22oo hrs local time. Nothing much I did, i felt less excited arriving due to jetlag. and we straight transfer to gold coast where we will be staying for 4 days. We ride in a limo (a real limo..the long stretch like the A list star use) how cool is that???
Our apartment in Gold coast I can say is nice and complete and affordable tooo. so, later that night after chk in we just had a quick walk nearby. I am excited to go to movie world the next day.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

~silence break~

hi there, it has been a while since my last post...very busy with works and outstation job....phewww.....
nevermind bout my busyness...i'm writing just because i need to express something, yup that's me..
actually, i want to talk about the know how some quiet people can blow out like an explosive when people go overboard them..that is exactly how i feel last week, just that i don't blow out loud....
how would you imagine a person who doesn't know you that well but can talk something about you BEHIND YOUR that possible?
I don't know why this fella wanna blab about me to people who don't know neither him or me...what did i did wrong until it getting personal???never mind...sometime things least it is a lesson learnt to me....some people just don't like you without any reason..i experienced that tooo but i never talked about them behind my back....i think being silent is not good...u have to break from the silence so that people can know what u are thinking and feeling.....
some people are just jerks that need to be taught some lessons of respecting people...

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Hey there people, it has been a while since i last write my blog...been very busy with workloads and outstationssss job. I came out with the topic after reading someone's note on kinda showing that the beach is the best place to get hitch. 
So, im starting to have my holidays at the beach a lot now. Planning for perhentian n redang island in malaysia. Bali in december, and maybe at up pangkor on top of it. And the best of all GOLD COAST in MAY. I can surf the aussies there...**winkwink***

I need to start collecting nice strapless gowns for strolls and super hot bikinis now...hehehe..interested to join my new obsession. being beach babes????? Leave your comments..

right folks, CIAO

Saturday, March 7, 2009


sorry for the long silence, been busy with work and conference...
ok, basically we start off the 2nd day quite early at 8, we only had 4 hours of sleep....
then we went to have breakfast at Under Tree restaurant-again....:> the food was quite nice, there we plan what we want to do for the rest of the hours left.
After breakfast, we straight away,change and go straight to the pool. we had put our pool session on hold quite long already.
Though only wannyta knew how to swim, me n nadea just act like a mermaid at the edge of the pool, we still wanna have that pool moment. What is a holiday without pool moment right?
After pool, we straight get to the steam bath n sauna at the is so nice after chilling i the pool and then get yourself warm up at the steam bath n sauna...magnificent.
After half an hour vaporizing ourselves, we refresh and get ready to check out..:<
We had our lunch at the river mouth of Kuantan is nice having cheap lunch at the warong, with breezy wind blowing...
Next, the trip home...I wish to have more trip like this in future....

Monday, March 2, 2009

~weekend getaway~ (DAY 1)

Date : 28 February - 1st March 2009
Venue : Hyatt Regency Kuantan and around its parameter.
Friends : Hanim Hani, Farah Shazwany, Nadiia Yazid.

One of the best vacation I ever experienced. I never been to Hyatt before though I have been to Kuantan countless, so I was shocked to find out how nice the resort is once I stepped to the hotel. Then, when I get to view the breathtaking sea from our balcony. Then, we get to taste the best local flavors at the stall outside the hotel. Actually, I want to eat at the hotel, but since this is the budget holiday...I need to sacrifice on my dine. After lunch, we strolled along the beach and take photograph like crazy....(that's us). When we reached our hotel private beach, we rest and relax at the beach chair...(u know relax like the suntanning pose), but of course we don't sit there that long.
Next up, we return to hotel and had our nap...(we woke up really early that Saturday to travel. In the evening we continue to stroll at the hotel courtyard and take pictures some more..suddenly, Hanim long to have chendol, so we drive doen to Kubang Buaya and had the chendol at Mustafa Chendol. Nice and cheap. After Chendol, come the best friend Nasir came from Cherating to take our photos...he wanted to test his new lucky we are to get frr photographer for the evening....after posing like crazy, we get ready and had bath for dinner. We went to Tanjung Lumpur and had seafood's ok and quite cheap, I am satisfied with the 'sotong goreng tepung'. Plenty..

Right after dinner we went straight back to Teluk Chempedak a.k.a Palm Beach and hang around at the night stalls there. I mada a potrait of myself. Nice sketch by the artist.We finiched hanging out at the beac around 2 am in the morning. Then we go back to hotel and watched people got drunk carried out of the hotel's lounge. Nadiia and I wait for Nasir's cab whilst Hanim n Wanny go back straight to the room...After sending Nasir to his cab....we went to our room and ready for bed...(end of day 1)